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1 March 2014
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1. Faster Construction, Superior Workmanship

MAGpro panels eliminate the need for framing, insulating and applying vapour barrier. Builders agree that panels dramatically improve on site construction quality and workmanship. Framing crews and insulation crews are no longer required. A single trade that can be trained in a matter of days can complete the entire building envelope with fewer tools. Shorter construction time brings financial benefits as well as reduced chance of material losses from the job site.

2. Superior strength characteristics

MAGpro Panels are structurally stronger and straighter than a conventional stud frame structure. The EPS core provides rigidity and the TitanBoard outer skin provides tremendous tensile and compressive strength – tested by an internationally recognized testing organization. (ASTM E72-02 and ASTM E564-95 Test Standards). The result is a sound structure that is plumb, level, and impact resistant.

3. Fire Resistant – Does not combust

  • TitanBoard is a non-combustible fire resistant sheathing material
  • Has zero flame spread and zero smoke contribution (ASTM E- 84 test standard).
  • Provides class A thermal barrier (Can/ULC S-124-M85 test standard)
  • Is fire rated up to one hour (ASTM E-119 Can ULC S101- 04E test standard).
  • Provides protection from both exterior to interior and interior to exterior.
  • Can contain fire in a room or unit.

4. Significant heating and cooling cost savings

Continuous EPS insulation creates a true R value (R19 and R27) that performs as consistently in laboratory conditions as it performs in real life conditions. Other walls can exhibit more than a 50% loss in R value performance due to settling insulation, pinching, and degradation. Up to 40% smaller HVAC system can be utilized.

5. Protect from mould growth and insect infestation

MAGpro panels will not rot, mold or deteriorate. They are an effective rain screen. This prevents the “Sick Condo” or “Sick Building” problem of mould damage and the associated health hazards. MAGpro SIPS have no nutrients to feed mold or insects.

6. Environmentally responsible

Long term savings on energy consumption combined with a dramatic decrease in jobsite framing lumber waste, and the inert, non nutritive, highly stable, non poisonous nature of our panels make them an environmentally responsible choice. Energy effeciency reduces greenhouse gas emmissions that contribute to climate change.

7. Can Reduce or eliminate the need for concrete*

  • Screw Pile Footings can be used to replace concrete footings.
  • Basement Slabs Can Be Replaced by Panel or PWF Sleeper Floors.

*Subject to Site Conditions, Architectural Plans and Engineering

8. Excellent for winter construction

  • No Cribbing, Curing, Hoarding Required for Basement Walls
  • Panels Install Quickly
  • Fast to Lock Up Stage
  • Inexpensive to Heat While Finishing

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