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The TitanMGO SIP panel is the result of extensive research and development, conducted in collaboration with foremost building science professionals, structural and mechanical engineers.

The panel has been tested in a wide variety of applications, under a variety of structural and environmental loads and demands, and tested in jurisdictions around the world.

We continue to develop the TitanMGO SIP panel as a building enclosure to resist water intrusion, air-tightness and cost effectiveness without compromising its aesthetic potential.

Structural and Fire

The TitanMGO Panels have undergone extensive structural testing for lateral pressures (wind load or back fill loads) and all fire testing have been done under structural load.

The TitanMGO panel is unique due to its ability to be a solution for with multiple issues, rather than being a product that is effective in only a single product element. Ongoing innovation has enabled the TitanMGO panel to become the best MGO SIP in the marketplace. It is a building system that addresses all important properties of structural integrity, energy efficiency, safety and durability.

Mechanical Systems

Working extensively with mechanical engineers over the years has allowed us to explore and develop systems with exceptional energy performance and practical cost that can be adapted to any environment. The TitanMGO panels provide the most important starting point for these opportunities – a high performance building envelope with superior R-values and air-tightness.


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