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Certified testing, Engineered specifications.


Composition MgO, MgCl, saw dust, Fiber glass non-woven mesh, talc and other nonhazardous
ingredients for fillers
Compression Strength > 7 Mpa
Impact Strength >4 KJ/m2
Tensile/Traction Strength > 5 M Pa
Flexural/Bending Strength >1 2 M Pa
Penetration Strength (Screw-withdrawal force) >40 N/mm
Nail Holding >40 N/mm
Humidity Absorption ~ 26% de maximum saturation (low absorption rate)
Wet Expansion <0. 5%
Dry Shrinking rate <0.3%
Thermal Conductivity ~ 0, 225 (W/mK)
Thermal Resistance 1.1 4m2 k/w
Thermal dilatation up to 0.08%
Standard Thickness 12mm
Dimensional Tolerance (max) Thickness 0.2mm / width 2mm / length 3mm /square 3mm
Asbestos Analysis None
Chlorine Ion content < 10%
Formaldehydes Analysis < 0.5 mg/L (not used in the process)
Density 900 – 1100 Kg/m3
Frost resistance Not water/ice formation on the surface
Mould resistance (ASTM G21-96) Rate:0 (no observation under microscope 50X on 28 days)
Surface alkalinity 10-12 Ph
Moisture content <8%
Surface type Smooth side and fine uniformed textured side
Fire resistance Based on 12mm sheet, more than one hour
Color Light Gray


 Sound Transmission STC = 24
 Fire Resistance  1 hour
 Axial Compressive Load  >238 kN/m-width
 Transverse Load
      – Stiffness  >234 kN/m2
      – Ultimate Load  >8.8 kPa
 Racking Load  >23.8 kN/m2
 Dimensional Tolerance (max)  Thickness 2mm / width 2mm / length 3mm /square 3mm
 Weight  6.3 psf
 ** Based on 4′ x 8′ x 6.5″ panel
 EPS type 1:0.9 pcf


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