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MAGpro offers a complete building envelope in all aspects of construction the applications include foundations, residential, commercial, industrial, sound barrier fencing and retaining walls. As you will see below we offer huge advantages in all areas of applications, thus resulting in our ability to accommodate all your construction needs.



  1. Thermal resistance is superior to a conventional concrete system
  2. Weeping tile and drainage barrier installation is conventional
  3. Pressure treat plate installed direct to strip footing and panel wall fits directly on top
  4. Huge advantages for winter construction, no hoarding and heating required
  5. Walk out basement and conventional basement applications
  6. Backfill after basement PAD/floor installation and main floor system
  7. MAGpro offers a basement panel floor as an alternative to concrete
  8. A preferred backfill up to 7′ 6″ but full backfill can be offered with additional engineering
  9. Footings are installed flat and level to ensure perfection of panel levels
  10. Basement panel system accommodates conventional engineered floor systems
  11. Window RO’s are pre made offering any size
  12. Eliminates the need for an internal frost wall resulting in a more spacious basement
  13. 16″ OC electrical chases integrated within the panel
  14. Average size basement installations can take as little as 1 day to complete for a 3-4 man crew

Residential Applications

  1. Onsite construction time greatly decreased
  2. Can construct all year round
  3. Zero flame spread, zero smoke contribution, 1-2 hour fire rating
  4. Fires will not spread from a structures exterior to interior or vice versa
  5. Highly energy efficient
  6. Offers structural superiority and extremely durable
  7. Solutions for external finishing which can be very cost affective
  8. Can eliminate the use of concrete when combined with a steel footing
  9. Available in a range of different sizes and thicknesses
  10. The construction process results in fewer thermal breaks
  11. Utility costs will be greatly decreased, structures require smaller HVAC system
  12. Panels are resistant to mold and mildew
  13. Virtually VOC free – no off-gassing
  14. Can create cost savings throughout a project
  15. MAGpro’s panel system is a green build technology

Commercial Applications

  1. Quick construction
  2. High fire safety prevents fire spread and smoke contribution
  3. Resistant to mold and mildew
  4. Solutions for external finishing which are both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective
  5. Resistant to rust and corrosion
  6. Panels offer a 230lb load capacity per screw so you have a usable internal wall for fixings
  7. Mechanical installation made easier
  8. Eliminates conventional steel framing, insulating and vapour barrier
  9. Pre manufactured panels in a quality controlled environment
  10. Extremely high energy efficiency results in greatly decreased utility costs

Industrial Applications

  1. Engineered flat packed designs allow decreased time lines on job sites, while offering the flexibility of temporary structural standards.


Fences and Retaining Wall Applications

  1. Easy installation
  2. Safety (fire barrier / sound barrier)
  3. Versatile
  4. Strong and durable

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