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The energy efficiency of a MAGpro panel system is one of its most desired attributes. The Styrofoam offers a solid “none sagging” alternative to batten insulation. We are not technically comparing apples to apples when competing against an R-value batten insulation as the panel system has other key attributes to consider. Such as magnesium sheathing itself holds its temperature, this means that if the sheet gets very cold it stays cold and gradually warms, or if the sheet gets warm as it would internally from a buildings heating system it will hold that heat and cool down at a much slower pace than a conventionally built structure. This is very beneficial as in the winter time the building stays warmer for longer and in the summer months the building is cooler. This reduces the overall cost to the occupant for heating and cooling the building. Additionally when you look at the diminishing return of insulation. R-19 to R-30, energy consumption decreases about 10%. +R-10 beyond R-30 reduces less than 5%. So by the time you reach R-30 the heat loss is so minimal it isn’t worth the energy used to increase beyond R-30. To use as a guideline please review the chart below where you can see R-Value details as per panel thickness.


  1. Thermal mass of sheathing
  2. Rigid insulation
  3. Minimal energy requirements
  4. Simple and inexpensive HVAC and HRV systems complete the envelope
  5. Solid construction minimizes thermal breaks


MAGpro’s heat loss occurs only at door.

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