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1 March 2014
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Residential Foundations

No Cribbing or Curing
Foundation walls in less than one day!
Construction is fast and efficient…


  1. Suitable for Conventional or “Walk Out” basement Applications
  2. Concrete floors and footings or screw pile footings with PWF grade beam and PWF sleeper floors may be utilized
  3. Walls have far superior thermal resistance vs concrete
  4. No Need for Interior Frost Wall Means a more spacious basement
  5. Windows of All Sizes Can Be Installed
  6. 45″ wide windows are easiest to install
  7. Electrical Chases are two ft on center
  8. Conventional Weeping Tile Systems and Foundation Wrap or Peel and Stick Damp proofing Systems Can Be Utilized
  9. No Special back Fill Requirement. Back Fill after Slab and Main floor are installed.
  10. Backfill up to 8 ft is standard on 8 ft or 9 ft walls, higher backfills can be engineered.
  11. Materials can be easily transported to Remote Building Sites
  12. Highly Advantageous for Winter Construction – Less Hoarding and heating. Faster lock Up
  13. Footings must be smooth and level.
  14. Walls fit directly over the pressure treated base plate.
  15. Walls are connected efficiently to each other using 2 x 8 splines, top plates, foam adhesive, and corrosion resistant fasteners.
  16. Conventional engineered main floor systems are used.
  17. In most cases, foundation walls can be fabricated and erected by a four person crew in less than one day!

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